Talking about day-to day life, there are some people who usually buy such planters for personal use or home-remedies. Such customers stay on positive side .Plants are best way to cure some infections!.

Plants like :

  • Areca Palm
  • English Ivy plant
  • Aloe Vera plant
  • Dracaena plant
  • Tulsi plant
  • Azalea plant
  • Spider plant
  • Mint plant
  • Cactus
  • Ashoka Plant

These are some of the plants that can change your lifestyle, These plants help to complete half of the hard life , Now, some people might not know the exact use of these plants for human. We need to understand the importance of plants , before beginning to further process, Every plant has special and unique quality in them, they are used in many different ways that are useful for human life.

These might help you to ease you hard routine!. A human cannot survive without plants, and we must know the exact meaning and use without knowing about its true meaning!

Areca Palmplant is one-of those useful plants which are used officially around houses, cabins etc.  It does not take a lot of space. A small Areac plant is also very powerful for daily use!.

  1. Areca plant freshens air, and solve skin problems
  2. It has ability to cure diseases like diarrhea, dynestry etc. it also cures problems of sights, redness of eyes etc.
  3. Treatment of worms and tapeworms diseases are the main benefits of this plant.
  4. It cures air pollution and also has ability to freshen the environment
  5. Areca Plant cannot cure injuries, but it helps to cure health problem like lungs or breathing problems.
  6. Its one benefit is that its piece can be used for normal fetus/children growth

English Ivy Plant is one of the plant which is mostly not mostly used by many humans . English Ivy cannot be used for human/animals. English ivy is one of those plants which helps the environment to be cured.

English Ivy fruits, vegetables are very useful for health. English Ivy is usually contains oxalets, and cystal like sctructure, which held poisonous tars, which might create pain in swallowing , create pain on skin, eyes,  lips, face etc and  other critical problems. These berries are kind off poisonous.  These berries aren’t allowed to be touched by any animals or humans. English Ivy leaves are needlessly not found at farthest region. These leaves exert most dangerous tars from its veins. These plant might be used in lawn or backyard for some emergency reasons. By experts.But not for daily use by normal humans.As it might kill for the living.

English Ivy plant is mainly seen in densily forest. And used by some minimum people!. As, there are disadvantage, there are advantage too. People have used to minimize the pain and injury, infections, this plant must be sown under good care

Aloe vera is plant which is used for natural beauty, this plant is also used for eating and digestive purposes :

  1. It helps to reduces the burns, It also helps to keep skin defects natural.
  2. It has jelly texture, with sticky susbstance which is really good for health., yet it taste bitter.
  3. Aloe vera is used for skin problems, and skin nourishing medical purposes!.
  4. It also helps to cure canker sores, and helps to lower blood sugar, and health problems.

Draceana Plantis one of the most useful indoor and outdoor plant, it helps to purification of atmosphere. It also helps to cure some known diseases like kidney diseases, and other acute and cronic diseases!.

  1. It helps to remove benze, carbon-dioxide,  formaldehyde in air.
  2. It also helps to reduce the pain in kidney problems
  3. It is commonly named as mass corn or corn plant, which is widely used my many household people.
  4. It increases humidity, losenses maintenance, has no causes of disadvantages of these plants.
  5. Dracena plant is mostly used by people, for better environemnt and less maintaining also helps to reduce heart defects.

Tulsi plantis known by everyone, isn’t it?. This plant is mostly around million of people. This plant is famous for curing and its purification. It has no defects and no harm.

  1. Tulsi plant leaves are edible, it works as medicine, which keep your respiratory system and your health good.
  2. Tulsi plant is also useful for clarifying air, and keeping it clean for 24hours.
  3. Its leaves are also used for worshiping, health issues, or also for normal purposes.
  4. Tulsi plant is nearly planted on every house, which helps to make environment clean,
  5. With less insects and moderate maintenance, it stays intact for several years!.
  6. Tulsi plant can be planted anywhere and kept anywhere around the house.

Azalea Plant has white, red, pink color. They look very attractive. These plant are also very useful as compared to other plants. Its small attractive shrubs it improves indoor airs, it needs brighter sunlight and also needs a nice space to be kept in.

  1. It typically requires good care, and requires better fertilizer.
  2. These shrubs requires 60-64 degree area to cool the area. And improve the air odour
  3. They feel fresh and stay intact for several years, if you keep it healthy everyday.
  4. These plant are usually planted on lawn, inside house windows, left hanging on walls, or kept in backyard.

Spider plantis another useful plant used by many, it has its own beneficial use to keep it at home or outside the house.

  1. It is easily maintained, with less hard work, purifies air and helps to keep it intact.
  2. They are non-toxic,  they are edible.
  3. Though this plant is very climatic affectable, which means it can be dangerous at times.
  4. Spider plant cant be overwatered of underwatered, it needs to be kept under good care.
  5. It needs moderate light and and non-direct sunlight.
  6. Its friendly to animals and humans, it helps to pure air and remove pollutants.

Mint plantis used mostly for medical purposes, and also for home-decor reasons. Mint plant is very healthy and is useful, with moderate maintenance of plant.

  1. It helps to reduce blood pressure, it taste like normal leaves with little different texture.
  2. It also helps to drive away the mosquitoes at night.
  3. Mint leaves are normally helping for cure to digestive system and bad stomach.
  4. Mint plant is mainly planted for personal use .
  5. It helps to clarify polluted air.
  6. It is also used to nourish the food, and also used for skin problems.

Ashoka Plantis planted mainly for environment purification. It also has many useful benefits like medicals, maintenance, and a lot more. This plant has height that reaches the sky.

  1. It helps to relieving discomfort and also reach in flavonoids, tannis and glyconise etc.
  2. This plant has good maintenance nearly more than 10 years. It needs best care and it clarifys impurity.
  3. Plant is versatile, it is treated as cure to injury and pain , its bark is used for medical purposes.
  4. It can reduce headache,  and cure diabetes. Its bark can be boiled for mustard oil and can be used for furniture purposes.

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